Molding Department

Although quality parts begin with quality tooling, expert molding technicians are needed to finish the process and ensure a quick turnaround. Our in-house training program ensures qualified people now and for the future. This enables us to provide a variety of services including light assembly, secondaries, inserting and overmolding, just to name a few. Our specialty is rapid prototyping and short to medium run production, which we provide to several industries including medical, industrial, aerospace, consumer goods, construction and more.  We are also able to successfully produce long run production of multiple parts.

Molding Equipment

1) 275 Ton Electric Arburg Molding Machine

5) 28 Ton Arburg Molding Machines

1) 45 Ton Arburg Molding Machines

1) 55 Ton Electric Arburg Molding Machine

2) 88 Ton Arburg Molding Machine

1) 110 Ton Electric Arburg Molding Machine

1) 220 Ton Cincinnati Milicron Molding Machine

1) Wittman Mold Heater

1) CMS 5 Tray Oven

1) CME 5 Tray Oven

1) Abach 5 Tray Oven

1) Abach 10 Tray Oven

1) Advantage Cooling Tower

4) Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines

1) Southbend Lathe

4) Hot Head Thermal Presses

2) Hopper Dryers

​1) Bank of four (4) Dri-Air RH30 Hoppers

1) Dri-Air HPD-7-5a

1) Conair Desiccant Wheel Dryer